House Call--$55

Dr. Rand makes house calls in Bryan and College Station. Visits to families located outside of the Bryan/College Station area can be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please call for more information.

All services are provided in the comfort of your home and will include a house call.

In-Home Senior/Geriatric Pet Exam--$50     

Your senior pet is examined from nose to tail in the comfort of home. Special attention is paid to common challenges of older cats and dogs, such as pain and anxiety. An in-home consultation is less stressful for our elderly companions, and it gives Dr. Rand the opportunity to observe them in their home environment.

Quality of Life Evaluation--$75

If your pet has reached old age or been diagnosed with a terminal disease, it can be difficult to know if and when you should consider euthanasia. Every pet is different. Dr. Rand can evaluate your pet, answer any questions you may have about his or her condition to help guide you.

Hospice and Palliative Care Consultation--$95

A 1.5 to 2-hour consultation directed at meeting the needs of pets with chronic or life-limiting illnesses. Medical focus is directed towards maximizing comfort and maintaining quality of life rather than curing illness. 

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Low-Stress, In-Home Wellness Exam--$55

Dr. Rand uses Fear Free techniques to make you and your pet as comfortable as possible during the visit. An in-home visit is great for pets who are nervous about traveling or feel anxious at the vet clinic. It is also a great idea for new puppies and kittens. 

Visit to learn about this compassionate movement in veterinary medicine.

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In-Home Euthanasia (house call fee included in price)   

What to expect:

Dr. Rand understands how difficult it can be to say goodbye to a beloved family member. Every step of the visit is planned to make your family and your pet as comfortable as possible.

Your family gathers around your pet wherever he or she is most comfortable. A sedative/pain medication is given to make your pet comfortable. Your pet is never separated from you during the process. The visit includes a clay paw impression and a fur clipping as desired. Dr. Rand can give advice regarding aftercare. 

In-Home Euthanasia with Home Burial: $275-325

Includes a clay paw keepsake and fur clipping if desired. Dr. Rand can assist with questions about and preparation for home burial.

In-Home Euthanasia with Communal Cremation: $400-500 (depending upon weight)

Dr. Rand facilitates respectful body care. Your pet is cremated at a local pet crematory and their ashes are buried on private property. Clay paw and fur clipping included.

In-Home Euthanasia with Private Cremation: $450-600 (depending upon weight)

Dr. Rand facilitates respectful body care and return of your pet's urn to you. Clay paw and fur clipping are included.

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After Hours

Urgent or emergency after-hours appointments are based on availability for an additional $100. 

Private Cremation

Respectful, individual cremation and pet memorialization are provided by Live Oak Pet Services. Please visit their website HERE

Communal Cremation

For families who do not wish to receive their pet's ashes, communal cremation is offered for a smaller fee than private cremation. Your pet's ashes will be buried on private property.